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Halloween Ouija Board Shoes - The Haunted Shoe

October 21, 2016




Halloween has always excited me!  As a child I loved to dress up and go trick and treating and I was always over enthusiastic about carving pumpkins (still am!). Every year my dad would buy the scariest and most realistic looking Halloween mask from the local fancy dress shop and every year he would give my Nan, whom we were living with at the time, a near full on heart attack!  In the dark of Halloween night, he would suddenly appear in his mask at the backdoor window or he would pop up over a bush in the garden!  Even though I knew this was going to happen, it was the anticipation that scared me and I enjoyed it!


I guess you could say that I am a horror fan.  From an early age if I went to a fair or theme park, I would always make a dash for the ghost train or haunted house. I have always loved to watch horror movies and I always get frightened, but that is what creates the excitement!  I admit to still queuing for hours at Thorpe Park 'Fright Night' which is actually quite scary with their horror mazes featuring live actors chasing or grabbing at you as you walk through in the dark.  So as you can imagine, I took great delight in thinking up a pair of shoes for Halloween which would have that extra eerie feel.


To me the most scary type of horror is the stuff that could actually happen and as a believer in the paranormal, the Ouija Board has always terrified but intrigued me.   The thought that this talking board, which has been used since the early 19th century, connects the worlds of the living and the dead is fascinating.  I have never used one personally, but I do know people who have and all of them have had bad experiences.  Ouija boards have been known for allowing malevolent spirits to terrorise their users which could lead to demonic possession.  Even when I was making these shoes I did get a bit creeped out and people around me kept telling me that I should be careful and 'not to mess with Ouija boards'…….. 


My initial thoughts were that I wanted to make shoes that looked creepy but not too gruesome, they needed to be wearable but I also wanted that wow factor for Halloween.   I came up with the concept of a Haunted Ouija Board Shoe.  I decided to use original Ouija Board visuals to decoupage the shoe and then add some detailed beading around the edges.   I also wanted to add the special effect of a flickering candle on the front of the shoe with candle wax dripping down the side.


My initial idea was to make the shoes appear haunted so that when the shoes were being worn they would seem to have a life of their own, much like the Ouija Board.  I did originally work out a way to do this by making the Ouija Board Plachette move around on it’s own on the shoe.  However after doing some more research on Ouija Boards and the fact that they should not to be regarded as toys, I decided against this…… I did not want to tempt the spirits!……. 


So instead of the plachette moving on the shoe, I decided on using remote control tea lights, these would be the perfect as the wearer could be in complete control and could switch the candles on and off using a small remote control giving the illusion of the candle appearing to light up on its own.


I am very happy with the end result and I love these shoes and I have managed to freak out (for a couple of seconds), a couple of friends by switching the shoe candle on without them seeing the remote!  And what perfect timing with the new film which has just come and that I will be seeing very soon 'The Ouija' Origin of Evil!



They are a great addition to a simple Halloween outfit and fun to wear. I have sold quite a few pairs and I am taking the last orders in for Halloween during this week so if you want a pair, get in touch soon! 


Please remember that these shoes are a bespoke, unique, limited edition, hand customised item.  Price £90

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