Bespoke Designs

Below is some examples of a few of the designs that I have created for my clients. The shoes range from decoupage to clay, to glitter, to fur and everything in between!  If you see a shoe you like but would like it in a different style or would like to change any element of the design, get in touch.


Designs can be as extravagant as you want them to be, or can be as simple as putting a cherry and some cream on the front of your shoes!  I like new and exciting challenges and I have designed shoes to inspire brands to those shoes that look good enough to eat, so please get in touch if you have an idea that I can make come to life!


 Shoes come in a range of sizes from childrens to adults.  Please remember that these shoes are designed and then hand customised so you need to allow up to 8 weeks for me to fufil your order.

If you need more inspiration check out the image gallery.


'Roses & Chocolates'

Especially created for Valentines Day, encapturing the romance with roses and chocolates to wear on your feet!  This shoe features a rose decoupaged platform, a box of hand crafted chocolates on the front and a bunch of roses with a mini valentines card from ?!

Price : £150

Harry Potter inspired shoes


These shoes were made for a guest at a Harry Potter themed wedding.  I hand painted these silver shoes with stars and added tiny Swarovski crystal detail, to give added sparkle!  On the front of the shoe I hand made a tiny replica spell book, wand and 'Daily Prophet' newspaper.  The back of shoe features a hand crafted golden snitch and the underside of the shoe features a 'Hogwarts' wax seal. 

Prices start at £115

The 'Queen of Dragons' Shoe


The 'Queen of Dragon' shoe is influenced by 'Game of Thrones'. Gold/bronze painted shoe, featuring rainbow crystal spikes on the back of the heel, studded detail and a gold dragon, surrounded by crystals on the front.  Price £235

The ' Winter Queen of Dragons' Shoe


The ' Winter Queen of Dragon' shoe is, the same design as The Queen of Dragons but is covered with a sprinkle of iridescent glitter crystals to give a magical winter sparkle.  Price £235

Photo Decoupage Shoes

This shoe features  photos of 'Ruby' with pink glitter heel, hearts and kisses.


Photo shoes can be personalised with pictures of your choice for any occasion.

Prices start from £70


           Shoes for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids or Bridal shoes can be customised to match bridemaids dresses and theme.  

Prices based on individual designs.


           Shoes for Halloween

'Horror Shoe'


'Ouija Shoe'  

 Featuring remote control Candle  



Childrens Wellies


           Shoes for Fancy Dress

'Murder Boots'


'Poison Ivy' shoes 


'Dorothy Ruby Slippers'